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Get Over Your Fear of Being on Video. It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think!

Video is a massive asset to any modern business, but so many of us are terrified of getting on camera!

Have you ever used video to increase your business? Have you thought about it but decided it wasn’t for you? Did you try it and feel embarrassed and not want to do it again?

Then you may know the fear of turning on the lights, getting in front of the camera and pressing record…

We are here to get to the bottom of this fear and help you overcome it so that you can get started using video to boost your business, because let’s face it, video is only going to become more important to small businesses in the foreseeable future.

We want to help you understand a few things in this episode:

  • Why video is so popular and important
  • Common misconceptions about making videos
  • Techniques we’ve learned from years of making videos for courses, facebook, facebook live and more. (These techniques might be exactly what you need to find the confidence to press record.)

We also talk about why you might feel disappointed in your first few videos, issues around body and voice presentation, and how creating video content can help build skills in other arenas before moving onto the Fizzle guide to making your best video.

Whether it is defining your audience, addressing specific people, focusing on your viewers or scheduling regular content creation, the team has you covered with a checklist to get you going!

So tune in and hear all about how you can get over this common fear to achieve uncommon results!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why video is so important and why you should want to embrace it. [0:03:13.2]
  • Links between video, public speaking and general communication skills. [0:05:39.4]
  • What we can learn from Marie Forleo and her old video work. [0:07:20.5]
  • Corbett’s first video experience and the lessons he has learned since. [0:10:21.2]
  • Things that Chase is embarrassed by looking back at some of his old videos. [0:14:08.4]
  • The fear of showing up and the real reasons standing in your way. [0:17:42.7]
  • Appearance issue and widely held fears about how we look and sound. [0:23:54.4]
  • Why your first video sucks and why this not necessarily a problem. [0:25:58.5]
  • The Fizzle checklist for helping you produce better videos and move forward. [0:29:32.5]
  • Defining what you want an audience to take away from your video. [0:31:04.5]
  • Directing your video to one, specific, real or figurative person. [0:32:56.7]
  • Making videos about the viewer rather than about yourself. [0:36:24.6]
  • Scheduling your video work to commit to producing regular content. [0:40:37.3]
  • Utilizing the latest and best software to make the technical side of video easy. [0:47:12.7]
  • Bringing an honest and authentic part of yourself to the video. [0:56:01.2]
  • A few last tips from the team! [0:57:11.8]

“Not only does it go a long way in building trust and bringing your customers closer to you so you can make more sales, there is a really good chance your content is going to be seen more when you leverage video.”

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