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I Got Some Exposure, Now What? (FS281)

Are you dying to follow up on a surge of engagement that your business recently experienced? Does your writing or content need that extra bit of juice and personality? Is something in your life making focusing on your business particularly difficult at the moment?

We go to the Fizzle forums and pick out these three questions from Fizzle members and answer them in depth for their and your benefit! The questions supply multiple layers of interesting discussion and Corbett and Chase rally try to get down to all that good stuff. 

In this episode we talk about defining your mission, maintaining inspiration, connecting with an audience and studying the characteristics of great content. We also look at the challenge that grief can pose to your business and how to manage a period of trauma or disaster.

We also talk about the benefits of a difficult time, identifying your unique value and much more, so be sure to tune in!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The amazing resource and community of the the Fizzle forums. [0:06:48.1]
  • Learning to hit home-runs by repeatedly stepping to the plate. [0:08:18.2]
  • Keeping the momentum of a surge of engagement going. [0:12:30.4]
  • Stating your mission and defining your movement. [0:16:51.2]
  • Mining your thoughts around a success for more inspiration. [0:22:37.7]
  • Bringing more life, personality and relatability to your writing. [0:25:57.4]
  • Identifying your own unique voice and value. [0:29:40.3]
  • Prioritizing and studying good content in order to connect with your audience. [0:35:29.2]
  • Managing difficult circumstances around business through a basic minimum. [0:40:27.5]
  • Dealing with grief and asking the right questions about your obligations. [0:44:30.3]
  • Which parts of your business to maintain through a rocky period. [0:48:39.1]
  • The test that a transition period will put your business through. [0:52:01.6]
  • And much more!

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