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How to Grow Your Email List in 7 Days

You know how important it is. We don’t have to tell you. Your email list is one of the most valuable parts of your business… or at least it should be.

But yours isn’t growing, not as fast as you know it should be anyway. Or, maybe you haven’t even started one. You’re worried your competitors are passing you by because their lists are growing much faster. You’re right to worry. You should be worried.

Here’s the thing: growing an email list isn’t magic. It doesn’t take creative genius. The difference between a stagnate list and a healthy, growing one can be easily overcome with a little bit of work.

First, let me tell you an embarrassing secret.

We migrated to this blog, The Sparkline, back in November of 2013 from another popular blog we ran called Think Traffic. We carefully designed the new blog and meticulously planned our content strategy. We made sure not to squander our launch.

But there was one massive problem after we made the switch: our email list growth absolutely flatlined. We already had a sizable list, but growth suddenly stopped. And it was all. our. fault.

When we made the switch, I remember a specific conversation we had about the email list. We intentionally decided to launch with a really basic email offer, literally it was just a sidebar box that said “follow by email.” We thought we’d start with the basic box, and see what happened.

Well, what happened was, growth ground to a complete halt.

We knew better, but launched with a lame email offer anyway. Looking back on it is pretty embarrassing. But it also means we understand exactly the situation you might be in.

Long story short, like dummies, we waited almost an entire year before doing something about our email growth problem. We waited, and we paid a serious price.

Look at this graph:

Guess when we started using freebie on the site...

Notice what happens starting in October, 2014: serious, consistent growth.

That is why we created this 7-day “grow your email list” challenge. We’ll explain to you exactly what happened to us, and how we jump-started our growth. We don’t want you to make the same dumb mistake we made, waiting an entire year to finally do something to grow your list.

This 7-day challenge will guide you, step-by-step. We’ll tell you exactly what to do to get your list growth on track, in one email a day from us for seven days. We’ll show you specifically what you need to do to create an irresistible offer people will jump on. In this challenge we’ll cover the creative, the tech and the marketing.

Ready to grow your list, so you can stop worrying about all the email subscribers you’re missing out on? Sign up for our challenge and we’ll help you get to work.

  • You will get value from this email course. Each email is quick and actionable so you can work on things that actually matter to your business.
  • You won’t just get marketed to. We write actionable, focused content every week that will apply to your business without purchasing anything.
  • You really will be able to grow your email list. Most people don’t know what makes visitors become subscribers. If you’re getting any traction on your site or social media channels this process will absolutely help you create an offer that grows your email list.

Enter your email address in this box below to start the challenge:

Grow Your Email List in 7-Days

Start our 7-day challenge and we’ll guide you step-by-step to grow your email list. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • One daily action to grow your email list
  • Step-by-step guidance so you don’t miss anything
  • Real tactics, no B.S., no cheesy or sleazy stuff
  • Your email list and website setup for real growth
  • Guidance on the creative, the tech and the marketing

Enter your email and you’ll get the first lesson right away:

Start the Challenge!

Don’t miss out on more email subscribers. Let us guide you to consistent, healthy email list growth in 7 days.

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