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Growth Tactics (FS075)

A Fizzler recently launched their product and achieved significantly lesser results than she expected.

If you’ve been there you remember the heaviness of that realization. “That was my launch. These are my results. Now what? Does this product suck? DO I SUCK?”

No. You don’t suck. Welcome to the “I’m an entrepreneur” party… bring your own booze crippling sense of worry.

The good news is this: there are things you can do to grow your sales, revenue, audience, etc. We call these growth tactics.

In this episode we discuss common growth tactics, what you should know about them and our recommendations on the things you should do right away.

Note: this is a fun one since we’re all in the same room during our planning week in San Francisco. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode:

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“Here’s how the guys at Fizzle approach growth tactics”

Show Notes

I don’t even know – The broom vine This is the thing we’re doing at the end of this episode. It’s a rally cry around here.

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