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How to Start A Business Without A Passion w/ Ramit Sethi (FS314)

Are you a lifestyle entrepreneur or hoping to become one and follow your passion? How do you build a career that gives you a greater degree of personal freedom and independence so that you can spend your time living the life you want, doing the stuff that makes you happy? On the Fizzle Show we always steer you toward earning a living from doing something that you actually care about, or at the very least, not doing a job you hate!

In this episode, we get into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, and we’re not interested in what worked yesterday; we are more concerned about what works today — for you. Whether it’s watching Netflix or hanging out with friends, are you digging your life right now? Whatever you are into, you probably need some skrilla to finance it and you need to be doing something sustainable so that you don’t run out.

Today on the show we are joined by Ramit Sethi, personal finance advisor and entrepreneur, and together we pull apart the nucleus of the problem for a lot of Fizzlers — obsessing over questions like, “Am I doing enough?”, “Am I making enough?” and “Am I stupid?” And that constant voice-in-your-head stuff about money.

We also cut to the chase about what it is that makes people successful, defining what winning at life looks like for you and focusing on the lifestyle you want in addition to doing what you are passionate about. Ramit talks Steve Jobs, his spending philosophy and why you deserve to be compensated if you provide value to the world.

There is so much game going around this episode, make sure that you don’t miss out!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why the “passion” answer to success was never satisfactory to Ramit. [0:07:19.0]
  • The true reason why following your passion is what is being advocated. [0:08:32.0]
  • Why winning at something is what is required to kick-start passion. [0:10:11.0]
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who believe in you. [0:11:44.0]
  • Why real feedback is not about what people tell you, but about what they do. [0:12:48.0]
  • Unpacking Steve Jobs’ commencement address at Stanford. [0:15:22.0]
  • Why you don’t have to agree in order to learn something from what you hear. [0:18:32.0]
  • The problem with oversimplified advice and using critical thought to get beyond the surface. [0:19:10.0]
  • Determining your success by measuring it against the lifestyle you desire. [0:19:58.0]
  • Getting away from the same boring template and doing things your own way. [0:21:54.0]
  • Expressing authenticity and nuance as the basis for success. [0:25:25.0]
  • How Corbett started a business that aligns with his ideal lifestyle. [0:31:40.0]
  • Why money is a critical ingredient in making a successful business. [0:34:16.0]
  • Understanding that if you create value in the world, you should be compensated! [0:37:48.0]
  • Ramit’s spending philosophy and where it comes from. [0:39:03.0]
  • The influence of your childhood on your emotions around money. [0:44:44.0]
  • Conscious spending and using your money to support your values. [0:50:07.0]
  • More about his new, updated book,I Will Teach You To BeRich. [0:50:45.0]
  • The importance of having constructive thoughts about money. [0:54:49.0]
  • And much more!

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