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Launch Expectations: How To Keep Your Momentum After A Good Or Bad One (FS312)

How do we manage the all important task of launching? What are the most important aspects on which we need to focus? How do we prepare and reflect in order to keep improving and learning?

The topic of launching is something that all entrepreneurs, no matter how experienced, should be very familiar with. It is the birthing of your ideas into the real world, the conversion of plans into an actual business. So we are giving you the run down of how to make this process and particularly your reactions to it, that much more meaningful, rewarding and enjoyable.

In this episode, we discuss the ideas of expectations, mindsets, goals and preparation. We also get into the major contributing factors to your experience of a launch, unpacking community, tools and attitude.

Today on the show we are joined by Sarah Peck, founder of Startup Pregnant, a New York City based company dedicated to enlarging the voices of women in business. She shares loads of wisdom, learned in her own career and recent endeavors that inform her attitude towards launches.

For all of this and more, be sure to join us, today!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Expectations Episode:

  • A little about Sarah’s work, philosophy and company. [0:06:04.4]
  • Launching and the feeling of birthing something new into the world. [0:08:36.8]
  • Expectations, hopes and mindsets and the effects of these. [0:12:55.6]
  • Grounding yourself and realistic goal setting. [0:18:45.3]
  • The vital importance of your scene and the minds around you. [0:25:01.8]
  • Healthy and stable ways of dealing with the results of a launch. [0:29:25.2]
  • Some of Sarah’s recent experiences launching. [0:33:35.7]
  • Sarah’s fundamental goals for her business in aiding her calling. [0:41:15.1]
  • Careful selection of the variable elements of your business. [0:44:32.7]
  • Interesting reflections from Sarah’s latest signup process. [0:48:50.4]
  • The hopeful entrepreneurial spirit and eternal space for improvement. [0:51:46.5]
  • Community, platforms and tools for getting your ideas out into the world. [0:55:14.5]
  • And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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