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If I’m so Smart Why Aren’t I Successful Yet? (FS159)

When we compare ourselves to other people our work gets worse not better.

And yet it’s a totally human experience: “they have people buying, listening, reading, clicking their stuff, why don’t I have that?”

On the show today we share how to look at this issue from a vantage point that will lead you to better work and a more honest way to frame your own path. Enjoy!

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“If I’m so Smart Why Aren’t I Successful Yet?”

Show Notes

It’s not about what you know. It’s about what you do. – Corbett Barr

There Is No That

How to Create Your own Definition of Success (FS140)

Who am I to Launch a Business? Do I need Expertise? (FS158)

The Easy Money is All Gone – Corbett Barr

Self Compassion – School of Life:

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