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Is It Too Late? (FS025)

Last week Corbett had a conversation with a friend who proclaimed: “it’s too late to build a popular blog or podcast. The day has passed when you could grow an audience and earn a living from it. Maybe you could do it in 2007, or 2009, but not now.”

Really? I think you’re thinking about this all wrong,” Corbett said.

And that conversation rolled into this episode of the Fizzle Show where we get into some damn good (and colorful) answers to the question.

Is it too late? Listen to this episode to find out what we think, and why this might not even be the right question to ask yourself.

Listen to the episode:

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“‘Is it too late for my idea to work? Did I miss the chance for this opportunity to be successful?’”

Show Notes

The Great Discontent: Frank Chimero — fabulous interview with one of my favorite designers.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs — “dude, I invented the friggen iPhone. Have you heard of it?”

Marco Arment, Developer/Writer – XOXO Festival (2013) — great talk from an insanely bright guy (#2 at tumblr, created instapaper).

BatDad – YouTube

Ghost – Just a blogging platform“Ghost is a platform dedicated to one thing: Publishing. It’s beautifully designed, completely customisable and completely Open Source.” – Corbett’s Ghost Site“The Ghost blogging platform finally launched! I’m writing this post on the platform and it’s an incredible experience so far.”

Fred Wilson on Bitcoin“We are quite taken with the idea of a currency that is not controlled by governments and central bankers and that is based on faith in an algorithm and a network instead of the “full faith and credit” of a country.”

Minaal – Tools for efficient travel — could this be the one bag to rule them all!? I’m hoping so.

Rickshaw Bags Reviews and Coupon Code — Father Apprentice — here’s a couple bag review videos I did for Rickshaw. I tell the story about how this happened in the episode above. This is how the internet should work.

Studio Neat — these guys are the example of bootstrapped and profitable physical thing making. Their stuff is amazing.

Picasso Painting – YouTube — I love watching this. He’s done the work. Can you do the work for the next 25 years so you can look this cool and in command when you work?

Steven Pressfield: Is Money Necessary?“So you’ve published one novel. I congratulate you. I salute you. You have done what hundreds of thousands have tried to do and failed. How many points do you think the publishing of one novel has earned you?”

The Top 10 Mistakes in Online Business

Every week we talk with entrepreneurs. We talk about what’s working and what isn’t. We talk about successes and failures. We spend time with complete newbies, seasoned veterans, and everything in between.

One topic that comes up over and over again with both groups is mistakes made in starting businesses. Newbies love to learn about mistakes so they can avoid them. Veterans love to talk about what they wish they had known when starting out.

These conversations have been fascinating, so we compiled a list of the 10 mistakes we hear most often into a nifty lil' guide.

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