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Jess Lively’s Three Tier Framework for Living Your Values

Jess Lively is the founder of Life with Intention online and host of the popular podcast, The Lively Show. Jess recently stopped by the Fizzle studios to sit down for a Founder Story.

Founder Stories are long-form video interviews with founders of independent businesses we believe in. Founder Stories are a key part of our approach to helping aspiring entrepreneurs build their thing, along with the Fizzle Roadmap, courses, and the community of entrepreneurs who won’t let you quit.

In this clip from Jess’ Founder Story, she shares one of her most powerful teaching concepts: the power of living based on your values.

Watch the video:

The Three Tier Framework for Living Based on Your Values

As Jess shares in this clip, there are three tiers of living based on your values, from the least intentional life to the most:

  1. Having
  2. Doing
  3. Being

Now, most people approach the three tiers like a ladder. “If I can just have the things I want, and do the things I want to do, I’ll be happy,” they say. But Jess says that’s actually a mistake because of the shiny penny syndrome.

The problem with shiny penny syndrome is that there’s always another shiny penny. Once you get one shiny penny, like a car, you want the next shiny penny, like a house. So, in the having stage, we chase the shiny pennies and slowly start to realize that they don’t lead to the results we had hoped.

We’re no happier because we have that car or house than we were before because our motivation was based on a simple want.

The next step up the ladder, the doing stage, feels much more empowering because you take control over the things you do each day. In this stage, we hope that by focusing on tracking our activity, we’ll find more happiness and success than just tracking the things we have.

Jess says the problem with the doing stage is that we’re “never really focused on the present. It’s hard to be fully grateful, fully fulfilled, or fully joyful.” That’s because there is no “there.” Instead there is always another mile to run, another blog post to write, and another mountain to climb. We set goals for our output that grow with our progress, which becomes a frustrating rat race.

The third stage, the being stage, is all about living your values in the present moment. Once you reach the being stage, you no longer climb the mountain, but, as Jess puts it, “you start at the top of the mountain and work your way down.”

““When you’re living based on your values, there is no mountain to climb. You start at the top.” – @jessclively ”

The Jess Lively Founder Story

Aside from her excellent work on values-based intentions, Jess has an amazing origin story that has led her to where she is today.

In high school, she founded a jewelry business that would eventually grow into Jess’ first job after college. Jess shares in her interview how she took that business from a fledgling idea by the side of a pool to a full-fledged business with salespeople selling her jewelry across the country.

Jess also shares other fun anecdotes like:

  • How her college guidance counselor convinced her she could be the next Oprah or Martha Stewart
  • How she gained her first retail customers for her jewelry business while on a boat trip on the great lakes
  • How her successful jewelry business naturally led to a full slate of business coaching clients

And of course, how Jess eventually went on to start The Lively Show, a top podcast in iTunes, and launch her flagship course after 14-months of intensive research.

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