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You Have More Reach Than You Think

I used to be so caught up with vanity stats and metrics when I first started blogging that I didn’t realize how much energy I was wasting.

It took me a long time to figure it out too.

You have more reach than you think you do.

It doesn’t matter how many followers, subscribers, or likes you have. You have to look beyond the numbers. Look at the connections you’re making at a personal level. One-on-one.

There are plenty of people who read blogs but aren’t email or RSS subscribers. Just think of all the blogs you read, podcasts you listen to, or people you follow that you aren’t subscribed to.

Are you really going to measure your self-worth (and the worth of what you create) by how many five-star reviews you have on iTunes or Amazon?

There are always going to be people that aren’t found in some sort of “metric” you track (visitors, pageviews, downloads, shares, comments, sales, subscribers, etc.) that can get something out of what you make.

The hard part is that you probably won’t ever hear anything from them. Ever. Like forever-ever.

Just because you publish something and it doesn’t get favorited or retweeted doesn’t mean people don’t see it, read it, and value what you’re sharing.

“If every blogger gave up every time they got no comments and no shares there would be no bloggers left.”

Beyond that, one of the biggest problems when you think about your “reach” is to not add in all the connections you already have and the reach they have.

  • Who do you know that can help you spread the word?
  • How can you get in front of their audiences?
  • Where else can you write to have an even bigger reach?

How many more people could you reach if you just asked?

Do what no one else will do. Keep going. Know when to persevere.

And don’t get bogged down by…

  • How small your list is.
  • How few social media followers you have.
  • How many comments you get.

Those aren’t the things that matter. What matters is that you keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep making things that people want.

So, how big is your reach? I’d bet it is bigger than you think it is.


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