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Name Picking Paralysis? Don’t Overcomplicate Your Business Setup (FS326)

If you’ve tuned into the Fizzle Show, it means that you might actually be doing something you care about. Maybe you’re looking for sovereignty, autonomy but also for more fun. There could be something inside of you that just screams for more independence and creativity. There is a lot of potential and opportunity in life – remember, you are not painted into a corner, you are free to do whatever you want, the things that you love.

Often in life it feels like there is such momentum, such force that pulls you into a certain lifestyle, but you don’t have to conform. Who says it has to be that way? A lot of people are just going through the motions while others are realizing that this is not a mode they have to keep operating in.

Some people are coming up with new ideas and finding new ways to make a life for themselves and their families. And you’ll hear this a lot coming from us: published is better than perfect. It’s better to just do the thing, even if it’s not perfect, and get yourself out there on the journey toward starting your own business.

In this episode we’re talking about a specific phase on our Fizzle Roadmap – SETUP. We’ve been talking about and breaking apart all the phases of business over the last few episodes, and highlighting this one aspect in our conversation today. We also talk extensively about naming your business, how to go about registering it, getting all your legal ducks in a row, which kind of tasks to start the day off with, and a whole bunch more – so don’t miss out on this one!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • An overview of what the setup phase is all about and why it can be paralyzing. [0:04:47.0]
  • How and why Jen picked the name of her business and now wanting to change it. [0:07:33.0]
  • Considering the legal side of your business and when to get more serious. [0:11:08.0]
  • Thinking about risk when naming and registering your business. [0:14:57.0]
  • Why the way you name things such as tasks or businesses is really important. [0:17:44.0]
  • How a name can gain momentum as a business finds its own energy over time. [0:20:12.0]
  • Fizzle’s Name Evaluator and the criteria for choosing the right business name. [0:25:14.0]
  • Identifying what you want to finish every day and starting with the worst task. [0:29:23.0]
  • Having to deal with the all-important ‘infrastructure’ even though its dull. [0:32:41.0]
  • Helpful resources and the role of an accountant in helping you get set up. [0:37:20.0]
  • Our inclination to procrastinate difficult tasks such as dealing with the government. [0:41:35.0]
  • What to do if your name is already trademarked but your still have the domain and social channels. [0:43:34.0]
  • Realizing that you can be part of finding solutions for a global network of people. [0:49:29.0]
  • Tips for moving from playing to actually doing business. [0:54:16.0]
  • And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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