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What’s New at Fizzle and Why We Changed Our Pricing Model

We’ve been busy over at Fizzle in the past couple of months and I wanted to share some exciting news with you.

If you haven’t heard about Fizzle yet, we call it “Honest Online Business Training.” We think it’s the best training library and community for online business builders anywhere.

And now, it’s available at a new simplified price.

Announcing New Fizzle Pricing

We used to have two pricing tiers for Fizzle. After lots of planning, talking with Fizzlers and coding behind the scenes, we’ve decided to unify all Fizzlers into one (discounted) pricing family.

The days of wondering if you should choose “Standard” or “Deluxe” are over. There is now just one, unified membership level within Fizzle.

This single membership level includes access to all Fizzle resources: the full Fizzle Training Library, Founder’s Stories, Office Hours (both live and recordings), Fizzle Perks & Discounts The Fizzle Community and support from Team Fizzle.

Fizzle membership is now available at a single rate of $35 per month (or $315 per year). This is down from a top rate of $49 per month under our previous structure.

We’re making this change for one simple reason: we believe it’s the “Fizzle” thing to do.

Dividing Fizzlers according to membership levels hasn’t felt right for this community since we launched. Feedback from Fizzlers has confirmed this. We want all Fizzlers to be treated the same, regardless of how much they’re paying.

We launched Fizzle with two pricing tiers because it’s the industry standard setup, and because we vaguely believed it might help us earn more revenue overall.

Now we’re changing things, not because of any testing we’ve done (we have no idea what this change will do to revenue), but because it fits the Fizzle brand best.

Treating our members right is more important than maximizing profit.

This is Honest Online Biz Training™, after all.

A Fizzle member is a Fizzle member. No more distinctions.

Now let me show you the other exciting things we’ve been up to at Fizzle.

A “Must Watch” New Video: Al-U-Mini-Um

(if you don’t see the video above, view it on YouTube)

Can we ask you a favor? If you have a few minutes, we’d love your feedback on our latest Fizzle video above.

Give the video a quick watch, then give us some feedback in the comments on this post. Tell us if you liked the video, and what you think of Fizzle after watching it.

Oh, and there is some al-u-mini-um involved.

New Courses from Familiar Names

Fizzle now contains 176 lessons in 24 courses from some very special instructors including Pat Flynn, Scott Dinsmore, Leo Babauta and the Fizzle Team (Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik).

Here’s a handful of new courses we’ve released in the past few months:

  • Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way (with Pat Flynn) – Pat’s Smart Passive Income blog earns up to $50,000 per month from affiliate marketing, and this exclusive Fizzle course will show you how to earn affiliate revenue with your own site using Pat’s proven strategies.
  • Connect with Anyone Fizzle Edition (with Scott Dinsmore) – Somehow we convinced Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend to develop a special version of his sold out “How to Connect With Anyone” course exclusively for Fizzle. Scott’s course sells separately for $397 (or more), but as a Fizzler you get access to our special version included with your membership.
  • Build Your Email List: The First 10k Subscribers and Beyond (with Corbett Barr) – In this step-by-step course, you’ll learn exactly how to set up your email list, how to grow your list quickly, what to email your list, and lots of advanced techniques. This course contains 22 lessons, 8 pages of workbook, and nearly 3 hours of video on everything you need to grow an email list to 10k subscribers or beyond.
  • Productivity Essentials (with Chase Reeves) – This all-new course covers productivity essentials to help you get more done every day. Did you know entrepreneurs have two operating modes, and that we need to tap into each to be effective?

Plus, we have new Founders Stories interviews with Jason Glaspey of Paleo Plan, Chuck Longanecker of Digital Telepathy, and Chris Johnson of Simplifilm.

These are intimate in-person interviews where we dig in and find out exactly how some of the most interesting and successful people online built their businesses.

Perks and more!

We have negotiated exclusive discounts for Fizzlers on some of the most useful tools for building online businesses.

As a Fizzle member, you can get savings of up to 50% on services including Optimizely, Geckoboard, SquareSpace,, BlueHost, WooThemes, TextExpander, BackupBuddy and more.

These are just some of the new things we’ve been building inside Fizzle. We also have monthly challenges, live office hours, a vital community (with nearly 20,000 forum posts) and way more than we can list here.

Plus, don’t forget about the inside jokes. Building a business should be fun, and we try to make Fizzle that kind of place.

We’ve been busy inside Fizzle, and we hope you’ll check it out.

Don’t forget, as a Think Traffic reader, you’ll get your first month in Fizzle for just $1 when you sign up through the links on this page.

If you watched the video above, we’d love your feedback. Tell us what you think below.

And if you’re a Fizzler already, thanks for making the community so helpful and fun. Give us a shout-out below if you’ve gotten something useful from Fizzle lately.

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