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Our New Podcast Starts June 3rd! Plus, Welcome Chase Reeves

We have two big things to announce today.

First, we’re launching a podcast next Monday, June 3rd!

This is no ordinary business podcast. We’re shaking things up and taking a different approach from other shows.

You’ll get to hear what I mean starting next week. We’ll be releasing a brand new episode each day next week, starting with Monday’s episode on “finding your voice.”

If you’re building an online business or have been thinking about it, we would love you to save some time next week to experience the new show. We think you’ll like it, and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Help Us Welcome Chase Reeves

We’re also announcing an exciting addition to the team today. Chase Reeves has officially joined Caleb and I full-time as our Creative Director.

We first started working with Chase about a year ago (June of 2012), and he quickly became an essential part of everything we’ve done since. He designed Think Traffic and Fizzle, and has pushed us in so many ways creatively. Fizzle wouldn’t be nearly as fun or effective without Chase.

Chase has been a core part of the Fizzle team for quite some time, and we’re happy to finally announce this publicly. He’ll be a central figure around here, and in every project we take on.

You’ll also hear a lot from Chase on the new podcast starting next week, and in upcoming blog posts here at Think Traffic. Read more about Chase and his approach to web design in this interview with Janelle Allen.

If you have a second today, help us welcome Chase in the comments below. Say hi, or ask a question, or poke fun at him a little, he likes that 😉

And don’t forget, our new podcast launches next week. Sign up for email updates and we’ll send you the first episode on Monday.

Oh, one more thing. I was on the fence about sharing this, but I’m going to anyway since it’s done. We made an “advertisement” for the podcast launch that was supposed to be in this blog post. But, the video didn’t turn out exactly how we intended. Instead of being funny, it turned out a little… weird. You can check it out here, but consider yourself warned.

The podcast itself isn’t weird, at least we don’t think so. Tune in next week to judge for yourself. Leave us a question about online business and we’ll try to answer on the show.


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