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The 200-Word Guide to Personal Branding

Confused about personal branding? Let’s clear it up in about 200 words.

Personal branding means marketing yourself and your career as a brand. You become a brand.

Oprah, Richard Branson and Martha Stewart are all examples. Oprah could have called her show “Talk Time.” Instead, she became the brand. Personal branding and regular branding can be used together. Jay-Z is a brand; he also owns the Rocawear clothing line.

Why would you want a personal brand?

Opportunities: career, business, relationships, recognition. Your personal brand will help you stand out.

How do you build a personal brand?

  1. Decide what you want to be known for, and what your brand will stand for.

  2. Do the work necessary to become truly great at something.

  3. Create things and publish content that demonstrate your expertise and reinforce your personal brand.

  4. Build a following on the web and social media.

When is a personal brand a bad idea?

Personal branding requires being in the spotlight. It requires personality. The business and you are inseparable. If you don’t like the spotlight, it may not be a good fit.

Is that all?

That’s it! Don’t complicate personal branding. It’s a simple concept with potentially huge impact.

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