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Do Podcasters have to Blog? (FS089)

Adam is a podcaster. He’s good at it. He enjoys it. He also follows all the blogs and gurus you’re supposed to, and they all tell him: you’ve got to blog, got to tweet, got to facebook, got to be everywhere!

He’s tired. He’s trying to do it all, and it’s time to hear our answer to his question: do I have to do everything?

This question and 2 others from listeners on the show today. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode:

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“Dear podcasters & bloggers who try to do it all:”

The Listener Questions (and timestamp of the answers)

Adam’s question (4m): “As someone trying to build business around the content I release, is it ok if all my content is in audio format or should I force myself to write as well?”

Ryan’s question (31m): “I have some existing email lists for different sites, but if I make a new product that’s unrelated to those previous sites, is it wrong of me to offer the new product to them in an email?”

Vincent’s question (41m): “How does geographic location, nationality, language and culture influence one’s choice of audience and problem to solve? Or should we even let these factors influence the process at all?”

Your voice in our intro!

(27m) We want your voice to start off our podcasts! Could you click here and record a quick “hello and welcome to the fizzle SHOOOOOOOW!”?

Or simply record it on your phone and email it to heyguys at fizzle dot co. This is going to be awesome.

Show Notes

Blogging vs. Podcasting: Which is Better for Building Brands, Followers, and Trust?“Despite this, podcasting has one major ‘elephant in the room’ that no one can ignore—not enough people listen to podcasts.”

Are YouTube Videos and Podcasting Worth the Effort?””

Irresistible Podcasting: A Step-by-Step Guide to Lauching and Growing a Podcast that Can’t Be Ignored.“How do you make a podcast that’s ‘the shit’ and not just shit?” This is Adam’s podcasting course.

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