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Q&A: Turning Pro, Making Products, Finding Focus (FS039)

On today’s show we answer a handful of questions from eager listeners, tackling subjects like finding focus, sticking to your voice and making your product before building an audience (and vice versa).

Want to ask your own questions? Speak it in or write it in and tell us who you are, what you’re building and what you’re struggling with.

Special thanks to Jeff, Kiri, Jackie, Avon, Vesone and Olio for the questions they sent in. Hope the answers are helpful.

Listen to the episode:

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“Over the long haul, the audience is where all your success comes from. (1 of many answers found here)”

Show Notes

DiscoverDoubleBass — Great looking site by Fizzler Geoff Chalmers who asks question #1 on this episode about when to release his first product. Such a handsome brit… and he’s lovin’ the podcast.

I like that lamp: make your own lamps and lampshades — Website by the wonderful Kiri Masters, a Fizzler who asks a question in this episode about turning pro.

When Will You Turn Pro?“… why some people are able to “turn pro” (in a Steven Pressfield kind of way), while others are stuck pretending and failing.”

Green Exam Academy – FREE Online LEED AP Exam Study Guide Resource — We bring up this site by Pat Flynn in an answer to Olio’s question.

13 Successful Founders Share First Product Stories — Hear how they made their first product along with lessons learned, what they wish they’d known and their best advice.

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Fizzle’s Productivity Essentials CourseProductivity Essentials Course — Chase’s course within Fizzle on the essentials of productivity comes up several times in this episode. The handful of insights, exercises and paradigm shifts (like the CEO and Worker Bee modes) are well worth a dollar (the cost of admission). Sign up for Fizzle and get it today.

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