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How To Reverse Engineer Massively Shareable Content (FS086)

You want to make blog posts, podcasts, products that are going to get found, hit a nerve, be seen and shared and loved.

In this episode we share my favorite new research trick to come up with killer ideas for what content to make.

  • What should you write?
  • What topics is your audience interested in?
  • What are people searching for in your niche?
  • How could you get noticed above the noise out there?

We share the simple process we use so you can discover the answers for your own audience and make your best stuff ever. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode:

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“How We Reverse Engineer Massively Shareable Content”

Show Notes

Crazy Fizzler Statistics in 2014 — Awesome stats about what Fizzlers accomplished last year (including some of my favorite movie quotes and screenshots).

How to Create Great Content That Drives Traffic |“I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you EXACTLY how to write (and promote) a piece of content that generates thousands of laser-targeted visitors to your site.”

7 Methods to Help You Dig Deeper with Keyword Research and Niche Selection (Unreleased) – YouTube — A great video from Pat Flynn about other things you can do to research topic ideas.

24 Quick Actions You Can Do Today That Can Change Your Financial Life Forever — The post from Adam Baker that inspired one of Corbett’s biggest posts to date. Advanced Search — A better way to search Reddit.

The Football Song

Chase went on a little rant/song in this episode and he decided to work it into a song. It’s like Uncle Cracker meets John Cougar Mellencamp meets over-enthusiastic nerd. It ain’t pretty, but it did happen live:

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