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Rob Walling – Building and Selling Drip, The Stairstep Approach, and TinySeed (FS347)

“The genius of niches is they are too small for large competitors, allowing a nimble entrepreneur the breathing room to focus on an underserved audience. Once you’ve succeeded in that niche, you can leverage your success to establish credibility for your business to move into larger markets.” – Rob Walling

Rob Walling is a serial entrepreneur. He founded, built and sold the email marketing platform Drip. He is also known for his podcast, Startups for the Rest of Us as well as his conference for independent startups called Microconf.

In this episode of The Fizzle Show, we talk with Rob about how he got started, and how he built and sold Drip for a “life-changing amount of money.” Rob also shares his “Stairstep approach” to entrepreneurship and explains why starting big is a huge mistake for most business builders.

Finally, we talk about Rob’s new project TinySeed, which is the first startup accelerator designed for bootstrappers.

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