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Routines For Tuning Up The Mind (FS307)

What are the daily practices that help us have a better day? How do we keep our routine from turning into dogma? When is the right time to tune up our habits and move on to something new?

That’s right, we are tackling the often talked about, sometimes misrepresented, idea of daily routines! We have been told so many times about the effects of our habits and our repeated actions but sometimes that is not enough to help us find what works for us.

In this episode we take an essential look at the issue, considering what it is about daily practices that can have positive effects on things in our lives and specifically our businesses. From showering and good rest, all the way to where you work and taking regular walks, we cover it all!

We also talk about meditation and gratitude, unlocking spaces you never knew existed in your mind and how choosing a good song can change your life.

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Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The modern online entrepreneurial landscape. [0:06:20.9]
  • Hacking, experimentation and finding loopholes. [0:12:03.4]
  • Routine is good, meditation is healthy. [0:16:15.8]
  • The effect that simple routines can have on your mindset. [0:20:08.2]
  • Showering, sleep and the foundations for ideas. [0:22:49.7]
  • Journalling, walking and starting the day with a good song. [0:29:30.7]
  • Expectations of our loved ones and the evolution of relationships. [0:36:42.9]
  • Shaking things up and getting out of dogmatic states and stagnation. [0:44:16.2]
  • Ways to break into new routines. [0:55:15.6]
  • The two things that impact our wellbeing above all else. [1:00:04.4]
  • Our huge dependence on each other and relationships. [1:10:04.2]
  • Using the vessel of routine to get to a good feeling. [1:14:45.6]
  • And much more!

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