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Expert SEO and Podcast Growth Q&A with Brendan Hufford (FS341)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Fizzle Friday show with Brendan Hufford. In this episode, we have several questions for Brendan to follow up from last Friday when we discussed SEO, so if you haven’t listened to episode 339 yet, make sure you do!

Brendan fields a bunch of our questions, from the team and the Fizzle audience, about link-building, Google algorithm changes, and keyword funnels.

Trust us, you are not going to want to miss this essential exploration of SEO from a true expert!

Today on the show we are also joined by Fizzle regulars, Jen Rao and Joe Kerns to take part in the Q&A, so it promises to be a jam-packed show, full of learning. The conversation also covers building real and beneficial business relationships, growing a podcast audience and much more!

Tune in to get it all!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Explaining link-building and why it is still important today. [0:02:30.5]
  • How Brendan thinks about linking between websites. [0:06:03.7]
  • Using real relationship and friends to build up a network of links. [0:10:20.1]
  • Updates on Google’s recent algorithm changes and the effects to average sites. [0:14:23.3]
  • General strategies for staying on the right side of Google! [0:20:15.7]
  • Bottom of funnel keywords and how valuable they can be to your ranking. [0:24:01.4]
  • Brendan’s advice for growing a podcast audience through SEO and engagement. [0:27:09.2]
  • And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Photo by Web Hosting a.k.a. Webaroo on Unsplash

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