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Stand Out, Serve Hard, Sell Soft & Get Traffic (FS085)

Questions from 4 listeners today take us into the realm of the USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

We share some of our insights about getting to clarity in your offers to increase conversion and engagement. Enjoy!

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Listener Questions

Talia Pollock

  • Party in my Plants. Such a fun site.
  • Her audience struggles with engagement. “How do I have an online business when all the audience wants to do is consume privately?”

Paul Ricken

  • is Paul’s Site. Paul’s song and energy in his question are amazing!
  • “How can I build an intimate relationship with my subscribers if they’re not signing up?”

Brian Wampler


  • She’s a film maker making some specific films for specific markets, currently writing some website copy.
  • “I don’t feel comfortable with hard-sell copy. Can you suggest some effective websites that don’t use hard-sell tactics?”
  • Resources:

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