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Start a Blog that Matters: Now with Fizzle Power!

Start a Blog that Matters has been our best selling individual course of all time. Over 3,000 people have enrolled since we released it in early 2012.

And today we’re announcing an exciting change…

Start a Blog that Matters has been completely updated and refreshed, and now it’s included with the Fizzle training library and community!

This means you can get started with Start a Blog that Matters with a free trial AND get access to the full Fizzle training library, community, perks, support and more.

We believe this makes two great programs even better. Start a Blog that Matters students have been asking for community features to accompany the 13-week action plan. Fizzle members have been asking to get access to our flagship blogging course from within the Fizzle platform, alongside all the other Fizzle courses.

Now they’re together at last, like peanut butter and jelly.

Blogging is still an incredible platform for growing an audience, making connections and attracting customers for an online business. Our course will show you exactly how to start not just any blog, but a blog that gets noticed and gains a following from day one.

And the Fizzle community is no small thing. Over 800 honest, hard-working entrepreneurs and independent creatives are in there, putting their butts on the line, forming mastermind groups, finding designers and co-authors, collaborating on projects, hiring each other and more.

Plus, now that Start a Blog that Matters is in Fizzle, you also get access to our full training library including courses like:

  • Essentials of Website Design with Chase Reeves
  • Building Your Email list to 10k Subscribers and Beyond with Corbett Barr
  • Connect with Anyone by Scott Dinsmore
  • Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way with Pat Flynn
  • Essentials of Effective and Engaging Content with Leo Babauta

Fizzle is full of over 40 hours of business-building training across 35 courses and 275+ lessons. With your membership you also get: live Office Hours and Fizzle Friday coaching sessions, the red-hot Fizzle Community, and specially negotiated discounts on services you need.

You’ll also get instant access to the gorgeously filmed, revealing and in-depth Founder’s stories interviews with super-successful indie entrepreneurs like Natalie Sisson, Jenny Blake, Nathan Barry, Brett Kelly, Benny Lewis, Barron Cuadro, Pat Flynn, Betsy and Warren Talbot and many more.

Did I mention you can get started for just $1 today? Seriously, this is the best value in online business training, period. On top of that, we slay business dragons every day of the week AND have more fun than is legally allowed in 13 countries.

Check out the full Start a Blog that Matters course & get started for just $1 »

Note: if you’re a Start a Blog that Matters student, email us at to get access to the all new course.

The Top 10 Mistakes in Online Business

Every week we talk with entrepreneurs. We talk about what’s working and what isn’t. We talk about successes and failures. We spend time with complete newbies, seasoned veterans, and everything in between.

One topic that comes up over and over again with both groups is mistakes made in starting businesses. Newbies love to learn about mistakes so they can avoid them. Veterans love to talk about what they wish they had known when starting out.

These conversations have been fascinating, so we compiled a list of the 10 mistakes we hear most often into a nifty lil' guide.

Download the guide

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