Start a Blog with Me?

Start a Blog with Me?

Blogging has been one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done in my life. As I said back in August (when I wrote Should I Start a Blog?), I don’t know of many other ways to spend your time that can lead to a bigger impact or payoff.

I’ve been itching to get back to personal blogging for a long time. I miss the fun of writing, and of connecting with people over ideas and words. Writing here at The Sparkline is great, but I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like, and I don’t get to cover as many topics as I’d like.

Blogging has changed my life in more positive ways than anything else I’ve ever done. I run a business I love with an incredible team and I get to work from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection (read the full story of how blogging changed my life and led to creating this business here). Blogging opens doors and creates opportunities, and lets you make a name for yourself. It gives you credibility like you can only get from writing a book or speaking or being on camera.

But along the way, I got busy with running my business, and I forgot just how much blogging meant to me, just for the creative expression and connections it leads to. It’s a magical thing.

So I’m starting an all-new personal blog. You can watch my new blog develop, starting now. Sign up for the challenge for an insider look, and watch here for a public launch update soon.

But, instead of just blogging myself, I thought why not challenge all of you who have been procrastinating to start a blog too?

The Challenge: Start a Blog with Me

I’m going to kick off my new blog with a good, old-fashioned blog challenge. The challenge is simple: I’ll send you one email each day for 7 days. The messages will walk you through the process of setting up your new blog, and publishing your first posts.

And we’re going to get straight to the writing. It’s too easy to get stuck on the big picture strategy and technology stuff, and to forget how simple blogging really should be: set up your blog, start writing, adapt as you go.

So enough procrastinating. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, this is your chance. Just sign up for the 7-day email series and I’ll walk you through it.

To make things interesting, I’m throwing in a couple of special bonuses:

First, we have special discount hosting offers from two of the best WordPress hosts in the business (we have a dirt cheap option, and a fully featured option with hands-on support).

Second, if you sign up for hosting as part of this challenge, we’ll give you three months of our full Fizzle membership, for free. This includes over 100 hours of video training plus access to the most active community of people working to become self-employed anywhere.

This offer is open to both new, current and former fizzle members. Just sign up for the challenge and I’ll send you the full details.

You must start this challenge by December 2nd, 2014 to get the special hosting + Fizzle discount offers. Enter your email below and I’ll send the discounted hosting and free Fizzle offer, plus your first steps.

To start the challenge, enter your email here:

Take the blog challenge. Get guidance from me, discounted hosting and three months of Fizzle on the house. And don’t forget, I’m starting my new blog too, so I’ll be working right alongside you.

Now you have no excuses :)

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments below.

P.S. – if you’re in, reply to the welcome email and tell me what you’re looking forward to most about your new blog.

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  • Hey guys, just so you know I’m getting this error message when I try to enter my email address: “Sorry, there was an error. Please try again.”

    • Sanja M

      Me too :-(

    • Corbett Barr

      @ITSergioFelix:disqus email me: with the email address you want to sign up with and I’ll check out the error. Same goes for anyone else who see an error – just email me

  • Patricia Brennan

    Heck yeah, Corbett! This is exactly what I need right now.

  • msherman2332

    I got the same error message

  • Danielle Cait

    You’re the best, Corbett… I’m IN. But also getting the error message so I will check back later :)

    • Corbett Barr

      Sorry Danielle! Email me directly and I’ll get you set up:

  • The same error here :(

    • Corbett Barr

      Sorry Jakub! Email me directly and I’ll get you set up:

  • Hey Corbett, glad to see you’re pushing this again. Love when you make your various challenges. Same error here, looks like the form is having some issues.

    • Corbett Barr

      Sorry Sam! Email me directly and I’ll get you set up:

  • Marianne Manthey

    Wow great challenge! I’m passing this along!

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Marianne :)

  • So excited to be joining this challenge. I don’t know what it is about your challenges Corbett but they always send a wave of excitement and “can’t wait to do this” inside me. (And I’m English! Lord knows what they do to normal people! :) ).

    • Corbett Barr

      Glad to hear it Tom! Thanks for following along.

  • Corbett Barr

    Hey everybody, I know several people have seen an error message when signing up. If you get an error message, please email me: and I’ll get you added to the list. Sorry about that!

  • Corbett Barr

    Hey Hamza, email me directly and I’ll get you set up:

  • William Stankos

    Thank you so much Corbett! This is exactly what I needed right now… I’m ready to go…

  • Tim Aton

    Are we going to have some sort of mini forum for all of us to help each other with our blogs? Or are we all just going to join Fizzle ;)

    • Corbett Barr

      For now, feel free to use the comments on this post. Disqus works pretty well for discussion, with the threaded comments and voting abilities.

  • OK. Everybody into the pool!
    I’m going to pass that email along to my mastermind group too.

  • Amanda Richardson-Meyer

    I’ve officially committed. Excited to just follow your lead and see what happens.

  • franzinet

    Totally committed Corbett. I sent you an email yesterday because I didn’t get the second day step , I wrote my first blog but I haven’t move from there so I’m really behind :(

    • Corbett Barr

      Sorry about that – we’ll get that message off to you right away.

  • Shlomo Krudo

    Good timing Corbett. What a great idea, just what I needed, an hands on blog building challenge. Will you be looking at the results?

  • I’m ready to roll. Bluehost purchased, domain set up, wordpress installed, post written! This is exciting. But I’ve learned that writing at 10pm isn’t easy. I’m looking forward to this. Thanks for getting this started, Corbett!

  • I’m in Corbett! I’ve needed this push to get started anyway. Thanks for the nudge.

  • Shell

    Hey Corbett, I am interested but I need some advice first. I am torn between two types of blogging. A general personal blog and a food blog. I have been meaning to kick off a food blog for my creations for a while, but I fear narrowing my focus will cause me to get bored down the line or feel limited in my posts. I have many passions >.>;

    Your guru wisdom is much appreciated!

  • Lee Johnson

    A little late to the show, but I’m in. Assignment #1 down. I think this will be a great exerciser for me to get the writing flow back before launching my business blog.

  • Constanza Gonzalez

    Hi Corbett, sorry I’m asking this question here (I emailed it to support and corbett [at] fizzle [dot] co)…I feel like I’m spamming you but I really want to know if in order to qualify for the 3-months-of-free-Fizzle offer I have to buy the 36 month Bluehost plan or if I can buy one of the other plans too (12 or 24 month). Since the offer is only until tomorrow I’d love to get a reply. Thank you a lot and sorry for being so insistent!

    • Corbett Barr

      Hey Constanza – you can sign up for any BlueHost plan using our link. Cheers!

      • Constanza Gonzalez

        Great! Thank you! :)

  • Maria Stadtmueller

    Oh, man. Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks!

  • Very encouraging Corbett. I’ve been following you for years. Glad to see you getting back to it.

  • A little late to the party here, but this is the perfect motivation to get me up and running, thanks Corbett!
    I’ve had the blog up and running for the last few months and have just been sitting here, staring at it. Can’t wait to actually see it up and running.

  • Contrary to popular believe, promoting a blog can be a piece of cake when performed the adequate way.


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