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Time Management, Multitasking, and Recognizing Potential (FS291)

This episode’s all about time management. How do you get the most out of a limited amount of time? How do we decide how many projects to work on? How do we know when we are onto something good?

We take three separate, but thematically linked questions from the Fizzle Forums and attack them head on! These questions are specific to the members that asked them but believe us when we say there is so much juicy, relatable content and info in here for everyone!

In this episode, we really get into this question of how we each define ‘good’ and what this means in terms of business decision and ambitions. We talk about glass ceilings and aiming for the right height so as not to come crashing down.

We also talk about context switching, gaining traction, the point of focus and parkour!

For this and much more be sure to tune in!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • What can actually be accomplished in 10 hours a week? [0:05:37.2]
  • The difference between a public product and an incubation period. [0:10:15.6]
  • The frustrations of time limitations and excesses. [0:11:40.3]
  • Multitasking and the question of a number of side hustles. [0:18:10.8]
  • Reframing this idea for the perspective of the audience and following enjoyment. [0:23:35.3]
  • Building a minimal viable audience through a singular focus. [0:29:06.5]
  • Recognizing something good and worthwhile in business. [0:32:34.0]
  • Defining what you value and aim for with your projects. [0:36:41.3]
  • A lesson from parkour and expert navigation of your environment. [0:43:22.9]
  • Founder stories and what we can learn from each other. [0:48:11.6]
  • Settling in for the long game and learning patience. [0:51:33.6]
  • Gauging our own glass ceilings and avoiding being caught off guard. [0:54:35.1]
  • And much more!


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