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“It Wasn’t the Most Legit Thing.” How to Recover from an Illegal Business Idea (FS084)

It was a successful business making good money, a few thousand a month. And then, suddenly, poof — the whole business is gone.

This is the allure and the danger of a business ideas that’s “not the most legit thing,” and this is the situation one of our podcast guests today has to deal with.

Our answers to his question and 3 other Fizzle Show listeners on today’s show. Enjoy!

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““It Wasn’t the Most Legit Thing.” How to Recover from an Illegal Business Idea”

Dara’s Question (7m)

Conferences Mentioned:

Rob’s Question (18m)

  • What’s your biggest failure and how get back up and find success?
  • He “wasn’t doing the most legit thing.” A Google update destroyed his business.
  • He’s forced to create something new after working so hard.
  • each of us share a failure story and how we pulled out of it.

Dante’s Question (37m)

Amy’s Question (49m)

  • How do you get momentum back after you’ve lost it?
  • She launched a product for, had a crisis of confidence the week before launch. Fizzle community helped her launch but she didn’t promote it as much as she originally wanted to.
  • How do you keep up momentum after you’ve been working for so long and then everything goes “meh”?

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