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Welcome to The Sparkline

Last week we promised a big announcement. Here it is! Think Traffic has now become The Sparkline: a blog for independent creatives and entrepreneurs building matterful things.

We’ve fallen in love over the past year. Our Fizzle community and The Fizzle Show have revealed a whole crew of people putting their asses on the line to build something they care about.

They’ve become the centers of our universe, our mission, the reason why we get up in the morning… to help people build their thing and support themselves and their families.

We have received more positive feedback on Fizzle and The Fizzle Show than anything else we’ve created, ever.

And now there are over 1,000 hard-working entrepreneurs inside Fizzle, facing demons and making breakthroughs every day. Over 10,000 people tune in for our inside jokes on The Fizzle Show every week.

Who are we? We’re FizzleCo — a group dedicated to helping indie entrepreneurs create something they care about.

One by one, we’ve created and transitioned projects under the Fizzle umbrella. First there was the Fizzle launch, then the business became FizzleCo, Inc., then we birthed The Fizzle Show, and recently Start a Blog that Matters found a new home inside Fizzle.

Everything we’ve “Fizzle-fied” has gotten better and better.

And now it’s Think Traffic’s turn.

The blog I started three-and-a-half years ago about building thriving online audiences has grown up. Since the start of Think Traffic in March of 2010, over 2.5 million people visited the site.

Think Traffic has had a wild ride and changed the way people think about building an audience on the Internet. Now it’s time for a revolution of the conversation.

Real success online, the kind of success that makes you proud, and fulfilled, and able to support yourself for the long haul, isn’t about traffic anymore, it’s about audiences.

It’s not about opportunities, it’s about serving a crew of people you care about. It’s not about tactics or exploitation, it’s about investing in a long and profitable relationship with your audience. It isn’t about SEO or the latest social media fad, it’s about putting your ass on the line to make a difference in this world.

With Fizzle we’ve found our people. People in Fizzle and listeners of The Fizzle Show aren’t just making a buck, they’re not just trying to write a better sales page, they’re building businesses that will last, a future for their families, and having a blast along the way.

Solidifying everything under one roof puts us all-in — this isn’t something we’re dabbling in. We believe it’s more possible than ever to create and connect and earn a living independently. We’re going all-in on the people committed to that journey.

You’re reading The Sparkline, a blog for people building their thing online.

You want to earn a living doing great work, work you care about, work that stretches and engages you, work that supports your family, work that builds instead of destroys, work that gives instead of withholds. We’re glad you’re here. We want to do that kind of work too.

Every week we’ll connect you to ideas, people, tips, strategies, stories, videos and more to keep you on your game. And don’t forget the inside jokes. They’ll be here as well. And Think Traffic? The very best from Think Traffic is already here in the archives. (And you can always see the full archives of Think Traffic just as they were).

If you were on the Think Traffic email list, you’re already subscribed to The Sparkline. If you’re not on the list, here’s how to join.

Help us christen the new site and leave a comment below. Tell us about your favorite memory from Think Traffic and what you’re looking forward to at The Sparkline. Tell us what you’re working on and why you’re excited to be a part of this crew.

Thanks for being here. Welcome to The Sparkline.

– Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik

LIVE LAUNCH EVENT: We hosted a live online event for The Sparkline launch, with some very special guests. Leo Babauta, Scott Dinsmore, Barron Cuadro and Nathan Barry were in-studio to celebrate the launch and talk about the future of blogging and publishing online. Watch the recording here »

A few other things we’d love you to know:

First, we have a brand-new Twitter handle: @Fizzle

We’re retiring both @FizzleCo and @ThinkTraffic. We’ll now be tweeting from @Fizzle for everything related to Fizzle, The Fizzle Show and The Sparkline.

Next, what does The Sparkline name mean, anyway? A sparkline is a small line chart that shows the change in some measurement over time, in a simple and highly condensed way.

Supporting yourself doing something you love requires a lot of personal change, and we want to help you see the change in a simple and highly condensed way. That’s our goal for The Sparkline, and we think the name is a perfect fit.

Finally, if you’ve been a Think Traffic reader, we want to thank you for all the support over the past 3.5 years. This new chapter means a lot to us, and we hope you’ll love The Sparkline even more than TT. We’ll continue to publish here 2-3 times per week and we hope you’ll subscribe to get our posts via email or rss.

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