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What Gets Measured Gets Improved. How to Plan Your Year (FS143)

read more: Hey this is Chase from the Fizzle show with a special episode for you here at the end of 2015. This is a re-broadcast about creating a plan for next year by doing a review of this year BUT WAIT, before you turn it off… What gets measured gets improved. If you’re like me you do a lot of things from day to day, and it’s easy to lose track of the overall direction, of your projects, your business, and your life at large. That’s why the topic today is so important to me. When I first started working at Fizzle, I didn’t have a yearly review process at all. I was a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy. Since then, working with corbett, caleb, barrett and steph, I’ve been kind of whipped up into fighting shape./ I’ve learned how to focus, how to find commitment in an internet full of distractions, and how critical it is to make progress every single week. my business lives and dies by the things i get done. Yours probably does too. So today we’re rebroadcasting this popular episode to help you get a system together to track your progress from year to year so that each year you can look back on what you did and where you are with a kind of humble, honest pride. It’s a classic episode of the show featuring corbett, myself and Caleb wojcik who helped cofound fizzle with us 3 years ago. Alright here it is, complete with the original fizzle show music. I’ll be back after this conversations to fill in any gaps.

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