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What to do when you Have an Audience and Product but no Sales (FS113)

Mary is in a tight spot. After growing her audience, keeping them engaged, and making her product, she’s realized sales are not what she thought they would be.

In this episode we sort of virtually consult Mary about her business, developing ideas for her and anyone else in a similar situation, handling stuff like:

  • Doing back of the napkin math to see how much of anything you need to sell to pay your bills.
  • Lots of candid conversation about how we view traffic and conversion.
  • How to develop ideas for “what’s next” strategies.
  • How to discover debilitating expectations (and correct them).

Have you ever had to go back to the drawing board after you hit a wall of disappointment?

If you haven’t yet… you will. This episode is an excellent guide through that process; how to think about it, how to develop strategies, where to find inspiration. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode:

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“Entrepreneurs: Have you ever hit a wall of disappointment?”

Show Notes

Mary’s Site: Adult Coloring Books

10 Business Archetypes: How to Choose a Business Model That Makes Sense (and Money, FS091)

Layout a Day | Simple Scrapbook Layouts

Sales Sans Sleaze: Sell More, Goodly (FS014)

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