Our New Fizzle Courses: Advanced Podcasting + Food Blogging (Start for just $1)

Our New Fizzle Courses: Advanced Podcasting + Food Blogging (Start for just $1)

We’ve put together 2 brand new courses from founders of industry leading, online brands to help you take the next step in your business.

Just like we did when we launched the Book Yourself Solid course inside of Fizzle, we’ve already seen some Fizzlers made big strides with after taking these new courses below.

We’re continuing to build out Fizzle’s training library (as you’ll see below) and to help make our community of Fizzlers more successful (with the help of our newest team member Barrett).

So if you’re not a Fizzle member, here is what’s new in Fizzle over the past few months.

New Fizzle Course: Advanced Podcasting

Advanced Podcasting

This course is a behemoth. Over three hours on advanced podcasting.

Co-taught by John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire and our very own Chase Reeves, this course goes over what you need to know about podcasting beyond just getting it set up and launched.

If you have a podcast, but haven’t really turned pro with it and made it into a real part of your business, this one is for you.

John covers the planning, strategy, growth, and making money from a podcast while Chase gets technical about his audio editing workflow.

There are lessons on:

  • interview tactics
  • growing your audience
  • podcast sponsorships
  • audio sweetening
  • editing software
  • “double enders” & ducking

If you’ve ever wondered how Chase edits The Fizzle Show, you won’t want to miss this course.

Learn to Turn Pro with Your Podcast for $1 »

New Fizzle Course: The Essentials of Building a Great Food Blog

The Essentials of Building a Great Food Blog

Now, since we’re not food bloggers ourselves (but boy can we eat!), we worked with Dana and John Schultz of the wildly popular Minimalist Baker to create a course all about starting and running a great food blog.

Notice we didn’t say “good food blog” or “decent food blog.” That’s because Dana and John set the bar high when it comes to serving their audience.

In this 2+ hour course you’ll learn what makes a great food blog, how to create recipes, how to take great food photographs, how to get your recipes featured on foodie sites, and so much more.

I’m currently planning to launch a food blog with my girlfriend, so feel really lucky to get some behind-the-scenes insight from a couple doing it so successfully. We’re still testing and developing recipes right now, and trying to improve photography skills along the way, so the advice about composition, lighting and props was really helpful.

Fizzler Daniel Williams

What? You’re not a food blogger!? That’s okay, you’ll still:

  • learn how important it is to pick a niche within a niche
  • get tips for better photography regardless of your niche
  • see four different ways to monetize your blog
  • hear advice for building a presence on Pinterest

If you have any interest in starting a food blog, this course pulls no punches as John and Dana get into the nitty gritty of building a powerful presence in the food blogging world. (Especially the useful tips for finally understanding how Google’s recipe schema works.)

Learn how make a better food blog for $1 »

Six New Founder Stories

Corbett sitting down with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing

Every month inside of Fizzle we sit down with online entrepreneurs and get them to share their full story.

So far this year we’ve sat down with:

  • Gary Arndt, who has been funding his full-time world travel for seven plus years through his blog and stunning photography.
  • Amy Porterfield, who went from working and traveling with Tony Robbins to building her own six figure business.
  • John Jantsch, creator of Duct Tape Marketing who gives a master class in creating a memorable brand.
  • Jordan Harbinger, the world’s biggest self-help podcaster, convinces Corbett of the power of confidence (and shares an INSANE kidnapping story).
  • John Lee Dumas, host of the daily top business podcast Entrepreneur On Fire (who was a serial starter and quitter).
  • Dana & John Shultz, the founders of the extremely popular food blog Minimalist Baker.

If you haven’t been a Fizzle member before or aren’t familiar with what our Founder Stories are, they’re in-person, 45 to 90 minute interviews with successful entrepreneurs on how they built their thing.

They’re filmed in person, in HD (no side by side Skype videos here), shot with multiple cameras, and no two interviews are the same.

We cover what they’ve struggled with, what they wish they would have known before they got started, and what is working best for them right now.

Watch these and 20+ other Founder Stories for $1 »

We put our heart and hustle into this blog and the podcast, but our best stuff is inside Fizzle and we’d love to have you join us and the 1200+ entrepreneurs working their butt off to make their thing work.

In addition to the 90+ hours of video courses, you’ll also become part of the most vibrant and dedicated entrepreneurial community anywhere, plus live coaching sessions, in-person events, support and special perks.

Maybe you’re ready for Fizzle right now, maybe you’re not.

If you are, it’s $1 for your first 30 days. We’d love to see you inside »

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