The Only Real Secret of Effective Website Design

Written by Chase Reeves

Ever had questions about your website design? Which features you should add? What you should change?

You’re not alone. So many founders struggle with website design.

Design is more critical now than ever. We want our sites to make a solid first impression. We want to stand out from the noise and sleaze and crap online. We desperately want new visitors to experience trust and authenticity when they land on our page.

But solo entrepreneurs rarely know how to connect the dots and create that experience on the page.

That’s why we created the latest course within Fizzle. Here, watch this video, it explains it all. (direct link to video)

(N.B. you may want to have a notepad and a cup of coffee ready)

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A Personal Note from Chase

I’m somewhat nervous sharing the ideas in this video outside of Fizzle. Putting it out like this leaves it open to the whimsey of people who aren’t putting their whole ass on the line for their business.

But I wanted to share this sentiment. I mean it. For those of us who do have our asses on the line, for those of us dealing with the fear and isolation and worry and anxiety and mania and excitement of stepping out of our comfort zones, hoping for something and executing on our idea, it’s for those people I share this.

I’ve seen too many hopeful entrepreneurs bamboozled and snow-blinded by bullshit about conversion and design and color and type and all this crap that could ONLY EVER MATTER AFTER you’ve found the frequency.

Instead, so many fiddle with the shiny, sexy things — how to amplify the frequency — and get distracted from the real, human, tangible, long-lasting guts of their business — the frequency, the need, the pain and desire and problem and solution and value… the story of the audience. (watch the video if that doesn’t make sense)

Do you feel like your whole ass is over the fire? We know one of the top mistakes in starting a business is going it alone. Don’t do it. You don’t have to.

It’s for those people — said fire-ass folk — that I shamelessly talk about Fizzle. Give your idea its best chance — check out and get into a community of online business builders just like you.

In fact, I’m so shameless I’ll put another one of those big green buttons in here. Don’t believe me? Just watch this.

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Deal with it. .

Course Description from Fizzle

I figured I should probably include this here since there’s no way to see it without signing up right now (also because I wrote it and i’m kinda proud of it). Here’s the course description from within Fizzle:

In this course we tackle the essential and most important elements of website design, from the most common mistakes through to the conversion system we used to create exceptionally high performing websites. (Chase has been the chosen designer of many big-time, successful founders like Pat Flynn, Steve Kamb and our very own Corbett Barr).

Whether you’re planning on doing it yourself or working with a designer, this course will give you the mindset and resources to put first things first and focus on what will deliver the best results (and besides that it’ll help you be the kind of client great designers love to work with).

Not only is it full of exercises, cheatsheets and checklists that will walk you through each step of the journey. We also showcase how to put these principles to work in a live-filmed redesign of! Literally. Chase & Steve Kamb worked together over a week, filmed all the conversations and presentations and made them available in this course to further explain the principles and ideas.

Life is too short to stress and strain about your website design. We’re thrilled to answer some of the most common questions we receive and share with you all our insights in this incredible course so you can get moving on the important stuff (and stop worrying about the rest). Let’s get into it!

Your Design Struggle

There’s a very real and valuable mindset shift in the video above. Whether you’re a Fizzler or not now’s the time to take the ball and run with it. I have two questions for you:

1. What is your message? Can you write it in one sentence? Try it out. Try out a few. Maybe we can give each other some feedback.

2. How can you use the ideas in this video on your site? What can you remove? Of what do you need to ask “does this help me communicate my message?” What needs to be edited or added? Let us know. Maybe we can swap some ideas.

Whether you’re a design whiz or so bad at colors and code you might break the internet, we can all put words on a page. What do you have to say?

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