Do you ever worry you’re building the wrong kind of business?

Written by Corbett Barr

Lately we’ve been obsessed with a simple idea here at Fizzle.

When we hear a success story from someone who built a business, there’s usually a distinct turning point in the story. This turning point revolves around something the entrepreneur changed that made everything click.

Sometimes the change is small, other times it’s a larger pivot. But in each case, the change seems to lead to building a business that isn’t just a good idea, but is also a great fit for that specific entrepreneur.

So our idea goes something like this: what if the success of a business depends less on the strength of the business idea itself, and more on how well that business idea fits the entrepreneur behind it?

If that’s the case, then the classic advice around business ideas is way off. Traditional business advice might tell you to focus on market, demand, product, operations, sales and finance. But what if your chances of success depend more on things like energy, experience, skills, money, people, lifestyle, personality and vision?

Do you ever worry you’re building the wrong kind of business? Have you tried to follow traditional business advice, but found that it just didn’t fit?

Today we’d love to hear from you. Are we on to something with this idea? Please leave a comment below and tell us if you ever worry you’re building the wrong kind of business for you.

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