Are Your Customers and Fans Different People? Here’s how to find out.

Written by Caleb Wojcik

If you’re like us, your audience and potential customer are one in the same.

If you listen to our podcast, you could be a Fizzler.

But what if your audience/readers/fans and customers are different people? What if the people that visit your website aren’t the people that eventually help pay your bills (and vice versa)?

In this video Josh Shipp, Youth Speaker and Teen Expert, shares how he found out the difference between the two in his business and what he does to cater to each of them. (Hint: the kids he speaks to aren’t his customer.)

(If you don’t see the video above, you can view it on YouTube.)

If they’re not one in the same for your business you may need to do some brainstorming to find out:

Homework: Write down and describe in detail three potential ideal audience members. Then do the same for ideal customers. Are they the same people?

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Josh Shipp has been public speaking since he was 17. He toured with Bill Cosby when he was still a kid, used to be on MTV’s Total Request Live, and just recently had his own TV show with Oprah’s executive producer.

He now runs a seven-figure business as a “youths” speaker and founder of Youth Speaker University.

In this 90-minute founder story, Chase sits down to chat with Josh about how important it is to be on other platforms, the key difference between your audience and your buyers, how to get past (but embrace the stage of) being terrible, and how to productize yourself as the person behind

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Is your audience full of potential customers? If not, how are you properly reach and serving both?

Let us know in the comments below this post.

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