Business vs. Family — Why NOT to Become an Entrepreneur (FS123)

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Episode 123: Business vs. Family — Why NOT to Become an Entrepreneur (FS123)

Why are you pursuing a life as an entrepreneur? Is it for money?

How about freedom? The ability to set your own schedule?

Or is it about working on a problem that's important to you?

Whatever your reason (btw, we get into our own answers to these questions in the show), is it taking you too long to get there? Is your life as an entrepreneur showing signs of wear and tear on your relationships? How would you know if it's not working well enough?

These are the questions we get into in todays episode in response to Mark's question (written below).

This episode will help you get into why you're doing this work, what the purpose of the effort is. Remembering your WHY can be enough to completely open up the future for you and your project.


Mark’s Question:

I find myself with the usual set of dependencies, house and car payments, a chunk of credit card debt and student loan, and a fiance and 2 kids under 3 to support…

I know I need to do something to help our current situation and try and get some semblance of a life without having to worry about bills and money…

I have been researching a business idea for a few months… It’s affiliate marketing at it’s core with many possibilities for growth…

The thought of blogging, doing videos and podcasting and maybe even writing a book is what I now daydream about…

I spend every spare minute working, be that at my day job shift working or on my side project, and that is the problem, I hardly spend any quality time with my family and that’s what I’m supposed to be working for…

I know if I pursue the former the latter will come in time but I don’t know how long before I start to see results….

My question is how do you know when it’s time to quit trying something? When is it time to just throw in the towel on an idea because it’s affecting other aspects of my life.

Show Notes

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