Email Hospitality: Copywriting A Personable Email Welcome Series (FS317)

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Episode 317: Email Hospitality: Copywriting A Personable Email Welcome Series (FS317)

How do we use copywriting to craft our ultimate email welcome series? What are the elements and rules that connect with new audience members and keep them coming back? Is email still as relevant as it once was?

The answer is yes, the stats show that email is more used now than ever before. Most of us know that an email welcome series can go a long way, but that does not mean that concocting great email copy and content is a common skill.   

In this episode, we talk about how to craft that vital first emailed contact, why templates don’t matter so much and a few rules that can keep your emails out of the spam folder. We are trying to get you thinking about who you are writing to and connecting meaningfully with them!

Today on the show, we are joined by Barrett Brooks, Marketing Lead at ConvertKit and certified email badass! He is driven by the belief that business is one of the most powerful forces for good in the world and this really shows in his and ConvertKit’s increasingly blazing success rate.

We also talk about how to get receivers’ attention and your emails opened right away in the right way, the usefulness of questions and emojis, forming the body of an email and finding the pillar posts of your business. For all of this, join us today, Fizzlers!

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