How to Cultivate True Fans (FS294)

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Episode 294: How to Cultivate True Fans (FS294)

What is the quickest and safest way towards building a sustainable business? How can focussing on cultivating true fans help you reach this goal? What are the best ways to go about this cultivation?

We often talk about attaining a level of success that is adjusted to what you need in order to live the life you want. And, one of the greatest realizations of this process is the humble reality of this level. You do not need to be famous or have huge numbers of fans or customers in order to make a living!

In this episode, we unpack the idea of a committed customer base which has its roots in Kevin Kelly’s 2008 piece entitled “1000 True Fans.” Using this starting point, we look at what it means to have true fans and how to go about attracting them. We discuss the core and essential elements to these relationships while also emphasizing the unique ways in which it can play out in your business.

We also talk about integrity, authenticity, empathy and the vital moment of purchase. We are sure this approach can progress your business in at least a few ways, so make sure you join us for this must hear episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The importance of Kevin Kelly’s “1000 True Fans”. [0:05:02.2]
  • Trust, consistency and commitment from this circle of customers. [0:12:12.5]
  • The two skis down the slope of success. [0:18:15.3]
  • Raw honesty and connecting with what is integral to your personality. [0:20:44.9]
  • Empathy and our tendency towards selfishness. [0:26:49.5]
  • Authenticity as a key concept of the cultivation of true fans. [0:31:50.6]
  • Questioning integrity and the breaking of trust through deception. [0:36:10.0]
  • The moment of purchase and sealing of the deal. [0:41:30.4]
  • True fans as a great and accessible way towards realistic success. [0:44:35.6]
  • And much more!

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