How to Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business in 2015 (FS132)

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Episode 132: How to Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business in 2015 (FS132)

Email marketing. Those two words pack a powerful punch in the world of independent entrepreneurs and small business. In this week’s episode we tackle some of your most common questions about using email to grow your business.

Corbett, Steph, and Barrett are your hosts for this week’s show on email marketing tools, strategies, and terminology. But if that’s all you get out of this episode, then you’ve missed the point.

Email marketing should fuel your business strategy, not the other way around. Sure, email is as relevant as ever before in building a business, but only if you use it well.

If you’ve been wondering when and how to get started with email marketing in your business (or perhaps you want to revamp your current email strategy), this is the perfect conversation for you. Tune in.

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Some of the questions we ask and answer:

Show Notes

Chase’s Daily European Travels Vlog – Chase shares a daily video update with plenty of great b-roll from his travels around Europe with his wife for their tenth anniversary

Lifestyle Business Weekly – Corbett’s new weekly newsletter, video show, and podcast where he shares the best stuff on running a lifestyle business from around the web

Email marketing tools you can consider for your business:

Well-curated newsletters to check out:

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