Myth Busted: Your Business Will Never Let You Focus on One Thing (FS319)

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Episode 319: Myth Busted: Your Business Will Never Let You Focus on One Thing (FS319)

Are you struggling with shame because your Instagram posts don’t get enough likes, or maybe you feel confident because you get tons all the time? Social media and the Internet shape our modern-day business conditions where we have all these opportunities for independent creativity that could lead to an audience and a sellable product or service.

There’s still a lot to learn though! Business is a lot like dating. It develops over time, hopefully to a point where your audience know, like and trust you enough to invest money in the solution you offer. But what happens when you do that and then you have another idea? Many entrepreneurs are confronted with this question sooner or later: do I want to do this, or would I rather do something else? Can I focus on both?

It would be very wise to prepare yourself for this process of expanding, adding to or morphing your business. In this episode we get deeper into the heart of modern independent creative entrepreneurship, discussing what to do when you feel the urge to start something new or change focus.

We also talk about why your career path is not as linear as it is often made out to be and why going sideways instead of upwards is sometimes the most genius alternative. We chat at length about the importance of being curious, but also when to get more serious, focused and structured in your approach. If you want to push the boundaries, try something new and open yourself up to the best possible opportunities, join us for this discussion where we hash it all out!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why it’s inevitable for entrepreneurs to come to the juncture of deciding to adjust or add to their existing business. [0:07:03.0]
  • People’s natural impulse to over-control and how it limits and destructs. [0:09:23.0]
  • Being secure in not having security and allowing things to unfold naturally. [0:12:31.0]
  • If multiple focuses are a given, you’re probably already navigating it. [0:15:44.0]
  • Viewing your career path as modern entrepreneur as a jungle gym, not a ladder. [0:17:50.0]
  • Releasing pressure by focusing only on the next best step. [0:23:30.0]
  • Transitioning from playing with an idea to recognizing that it’s a viable business opportunity. [0:25:51.0]
  • Creating a semi-structured, semi-focused environment that still allows for flexibility and natural progression. [0:33:20.0]
  • How metrics are important in setting future goals and making key decisions. [0:37:17.0]
  • Being liberal with the kind of results you want when starting something new. [0:43:15.0]
  • The importance of establishing secure check points along jour journey. [0:45:45.0]
  • Considering what the project wants to become and who you want to be. [0:49:47.0]
  • Finding your passion by paying attention and focusing on things that light you up. [0:53:35.0]
  • The possibility of exploring without necessarily committing. [0:59:13.0]
  • Building the minimum viable product when you’re running more than one project. [1:00:10.0]
  • And much more!

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