Panic at the Border: How Corbett Barr Got Started (FS003)

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Episode 3: Panic at the Border: How Corbett Barr Got Started (FS003)

Do you wonder how you’ll ever actually do the things you dream about? In this episode Corbett Barr shares how he made the transition from dreaming to doing.

It wasn’t easy for him (wait till the bit about his panic at the Mexican border) but it completely changed his path, expanding his perspective about where he wanted to go with his career (and life).

If you’ve been a reader of Think Traffic for a while you already know Corbett. But in this episode you’ll discover what started the journey from a burnt out consultant to an electrified, successful and celebrated blogger and business builder.

We also answer a couple of colorful listener questions (thanks Dave & Jeff!) that lead to Chase’s 5 website design tips and Caleb’s killer Santa Claus metaphor.

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I hope you’re enjoying this new format for us. It’s a very personal and conversational view into how Corbett, Caleb and I do business together.

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Thanks! Hope you enjoy this episode. (I enjoyed it so much I had to remove pieces of my clothing… more on that in the episode).

Show Notes

Man Vs. Debt — Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love.

Passive Income: The Smart Passive Income Blog

Nerd Fitness: Helping You Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Live Better.

Signal vs. Noise by 37signals — Business, Design, Programming and the Web

Online Marketing Strategy – Social Triggers (and if you haven’t yet, maybe check out this ridiculous Derek Halpern impersonator)

Online video tutorials & training |

Build a Website – Squarespace

Chris Guillebeau – The art of non conformity

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