I Just Launched My Product! When Do I Iterate? (FS330)

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Episode 330: I Just Launched My Product! When Do I Iterate? (FS330)

SPOILER ALERT: you have to be yourself in life, because everybody else is taken!

Not everybody gets to do a job they care about, however. Some of us have to endure the mediocrity of the everyday humdrum. Even if it’s not torture, it is still not giving you the zeal you’d like to wake up with in the morning.

Some of us get to work at Google or Oracle while the rest of us misfits are scurrying around to start our own businesses. We really want it to work so we can make our own schedules and be responsible for our own livelihoods. This independent living online thing, we’ve been at it for years, been talking about if for a long time and there’s a lot of you involved in this – your unique situation and point of view.

If you’ve been following the show for the last several weeks, we’ve been going through the Fizzle Roadmap, a how-to for creating your first business and making it actually successful.

In this episode we are talking about the stage of launching your product. And launching probably is not what you think it is, so getting into this with a blank-slate perspective is advisable. One of the key things we want you to walk away with is knowing how to iterate your product, because this an absolute gem for the modern-day entrepreneur.

We also talk about the role of feedback after launching, community-based initiatives and why you might feel low once the launch is over. This is an emotionally taxing stage to get through, but hopefully we can help you mitigate some of the heaviness, so tune in for this conversation to found out how!

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