The Best Productivity Routines with Mike Vardy and Chase Reeves (FS338)

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Episode 338: The Best Productivity Routines with Mike Vardy and Chase Reeves (FS338)

Which strategies help our productivity with the bulk of our time?

What do we do when one of these strategies loses its effect?

What is the right balance between being focused on productivity and actually being productive?

In the online business world, there is more than enough literature and content offering you ways to be more productive! These ideas can often be really helpful, but sometimes they can seem like noise and can distract you from what is important. We want to assess where the general productivity conversation is currently situated and help you to gauge where you are with it!

In this episode, we break down the ever-evolving inner and outer world of productivity. A common experience for many people seems to be that tactics and systems can help a lot but that their effect can wear off over time. So one of the main issues here seems to be how to pivot at the right point to a new way of doing things.

Today on the show we are joined by our old bestie Chase Reeves and past guest / great friend Mike Vardy. Mike is a productivity expert who runs Productivityist and has some great, sometimes strange, routines that we cannot wait to share with all of you!

We also talk about maintaining focus, virtual assistants, the negative side of productivity and what theming your time can offer you.

For all this and more, join us today for another great show!

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