Wants vs Needs — How to Spot the “Pain Point” in Hobby Businesses (FS152)

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Episode 152: Wants vs Needs — How to Spot the “Pain Point” in Hobby Businesses (FS152)

One of the liveliest conversations this week in the Fizzle forums was about how to successfully market when your business topic is a hobby like knitting, book binding, scrap booking.

Marketers often talk about finding the “pain point,” but this pain language can be misleading when your business addresses desires instead of pain alleviation.

For example, I want to know how to knit. It would give me something to do with my hands, I could make gifts for people, I could make some things to use around the house.

I don’t NEED to knit; my life doesn’t depend on it. But I WANT to. How can you market effectively when your business focuses on a WANT not a NEED?

That’s what we get into today. Enjoy!

Cassel’s Question:

Wherever we turn, we are told to find a pain point and offer a solution to that PAIN. That is great in most niche where people are really missing something, and needing something, however, when someone is in a hobby niche (sewing, knitting, crafts, etc.) it is not as obvious. I have to cater more to a WANT than a NEED, which makes it a little harder to “sell” to.

Do you have a craft/hobby niche that requires a little (or a lot) more creativity to sell?

Show Notes:

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