Teaching at Fizzle

Fizzle is where creators and entrepreneurs come to learn, share and make progress toward earning a living doing something they love.

Fizzle instructors are creators themselves who have become experts in the subjects they teach. Some instructors are well-known success stories, others are talented up-and-comers with something important to share with other entrepreneurs.

Teaching at Fizzle is by invitation only, but we accept proposals. If you’re a creator who loves learning and sharing, and you think you have something to teach other creators, we would love to hear from you.

If you’d like to apply, please read the details below, then submit your proposal.

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Why teach at Fizzle?

Offering a course through Fizzle gives you exposure to thousands of independent creators. If you already teach courses on entrepreneurship, Fizzle is a way for you to reach a broader audience.

If you don’t teach anywhere on entrepreneurship topics yet, Fizzle is a great place to get started, and you’ll gain some credibility just by being included in our impressive roster of other instructors.

In addition to the exposure, we also offer several other benefits:

  • There are no commitment or deadlines involved. Work at your own pace, and deliver the finished product when you’re ready.
  • You own the rights to all course material, not us.
  • Fizzle instructors receive a complimentary membership to Fizzle for life!
  • Fizzle offers a referral program that pays 30% in recurring commissions for the life of customers you refer to us. As an instructor, you’ll have a great opportunity to refer people to your own course directly, and you’ll earn commissions based on the entire value of Fizzle membership.
  • New instructors at Fizzle are paid based on the views their course receives. For some this will mean a few bucks, for others this might mean good money. The more you create, and the more people watch, the more you’ll be paid.

Currently, we are looking for more technical / how-to content, as opposed to foundational content. For example, we’d love to feature more courses that dive deep into specific platforms and technologies to show how creators can use them to grow an audience, work smarter, build better products and get paid.

Here’s an incomplete list of platforms and technologies we would consider courses on, just to name a handful: Notion, Roam Research, JAMStack, Netlify, Gumroad, Fathom Analytics, ConvertKit, Substack, TailwindCSS, Stripe, Memberful, Podia, Patreon, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…

How The Process Works

After you submit a proposal, we may have some questions for you.

The next steps will be for you to submit 1) an outline for your potential course, and 2) a screen test of you recording 30-seconds of material in the style you intend to use for your course. This is to make sure your on-screen presence will be a fit for Fizzle before you commit to creating a full course.

After we give you the green light, you’re free to work at your pace. We’ll be there along the way to answer questions or review anything you want to share. Seriously, don’t feel alone, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my course need to follow any particular format or look a certain way?

Not at all!

How are instructor payments calculated?

After each month, we add up your total video plays + watch minutes and divide that by the total video plays + watch minutes across all Fizzle videos. This is then multiplied by the royalty pool for the month (based on subscriber payments) to arrive at your amount due.

Can my course be available or sold anywhere else? Does it have to be exclusive to Fizzle?

You’re free to sell your course on your own or through any other platform. All we require is that you don’t offer your course for free anywhere to the general public.

Earn a living doing something you love.

Grow an audience and get paid for your work as an independent creator. Fizzle is where creators come to learn, share and make progress toward their online dreams.

I’ve taken a lot of courses and been involved in several paid communities since I started my business, but I’ve never ever felt like anyone CARED as much about seeing my reach my goals as the Fizzle Team. They show up for me as much as I show up for myself. Thank you SO much, you guys!

Claire Pelletreau

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