Unmissable Podcast Resources & Further Reading

Written by Chase Reeves

Our podcast launch week was a big success! Here’s some of the best resources we’ve found on podcasting (and some of our favorite podcasts).

Last week we launched The Fizzle Show, a talk show for creative entrepreneurs like yourself who want to build a business you care about.

We heard so much great feedback from you all in the iTunes reviews, tweets, and comments on the posts here at The Sparkline. In fact, you made us the #1 business podcast in iTunes!

I’ve said it a bunch in the show and on the previous posts, but I’ll say it again: THANK YOU! We’re thrilled you’re enjoying the podcast. We hope it’s an awesome conversational supplement to the blog posts here.

Below we’ve listed out some of our favorite podcasting resources. These are the ideas, instructions and how-to’s we used to create our show.

Note: if you’re interested in podcasting and building a business you should definitely check out Caleb’s podcasting course (and all the other excellent courses) in our premium online business training.

It’s an exciting time for podcasting. If you have a conversational tendency and a mission to serve an audience, you should definitely consider what a podcast can do for your business.

We hope you enjoy these resources below. We’ve even included a list of some of our favorite podcasts.

Excellent Podcast Resources

Getting Started: from choosing equipment to why you’d want a podcast in the first place, look no further than Pat Flynn and Cliff Ravenscraft. Here’s some of Caleb’s favorite links for starters.

Where’s Podcasting Going: podcasting is both old and new. It’s as old as oration or education. It’s as new as the combo of iPods and RSS technology.

In learning more about the media (and becoming an avid fan of certain podcasts) I’ve become more than just intrigued about the opportunities in podcasting.

Here’s some of my favorite links for learning more about where podcasting as a medium is going.

Killer Podcast Tools

Our Favorite Podcasts

Chase’s Favorite:

Corbett’s Favorites:

Caleb’s Favorites:

Do You Have A Favorite Podcast?

Have any favorites you want to tell us about? Come across any good podcasting resources? Let us know just below in the comments.

And thanks again for making The Fizzle Show the #1 business podcast during the launch week last week. You are awesome.

Thanks so much for making the fizzle show #1 in business podcasts

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