Connection Stage Overview

Welcome to Connection, the second stage of the Fizzle Roadmap. In this stage we have two goals:

  1. Learn exactly how to use Fizzle’s community tools to get help when you need it and connect with other entrepreneurs.
  2. Identify the accountability method that works best for you.

Dark moments

After all the work you’ve done in Stage 1, you’re probably eager to jump in and get started right away. With that in mind, we know your first glance at the Connection stage might feel a bit less urgent and perhaps even optional.

But consider this: as an independent entrepreneur feelings of isolation and loneliness come with the territory. Doubts, resistance and uncertainty will find you. These emotions can completely derail your progress. What’s at stake is not just your business idea, but the belief in yourself as an entrepreneur to begin with.

It’s in these dark moments that just a small bit of community can be the difference between taking another baby step forward or burning out and throwing out the baby with the bath water.

We’re very serious about community and support here at Fizzle. Whether it’s critical help when you need it most or just a gentle piece of feedback, relationships with people who get you and understand what you’re building will be a powerful force behind your business.

Meaningful Results

In the next few steps we will share how to leverage community like a tool to achieve meaningful results, making measurable progress in your business week after week.

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