Planning Stage Overview

Welcome to the Planning Stage! In this stage we pull all the key foundational pieces of your business together to create a plan of action.

In this stage, your goals are:

  1. Identify the problem your business will focus on,
  2. Decide which business archetype you will build towards,
  3. Complete a simple, flexible plan for your business.

The idea of creating a business plan excites some people. It terrifies others.

The truth is, there’s no cookie cutter, paint by numbers way to create a fool-proof business plan. Remember, being an entrepreneur is more like being a researcher than a fortune teller — it’s an iterative process, and it’s going to take some trial and error to develop a business that actually works for you.

What we’ve covered so far

As a reminder, here’s a recap of the decisions and learning you’ve already accomplished in the Direction and Connection stages:

  1. You’ve selected the topic your business will focus on,
  2. You’ve thoughtfully defined your target audience,
  3. You’ve learned how to use Fizzle’s community tools to get help when you need it,
  4. And you’ve chosen an accountability method to keep you on track week in and week out.

When you’re ready, click next and we’ll dive into the heart of the Planning stage.