Feet on the Ground, Head Down (FS071)

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Episode 71: Feet on the Ground, Head Down (FS071)

How do you keep an eye on the business stuff while in the throws of a new creative endeavor?

That’s one of 4 listener questions we get into in this episode. Our thanks to Myke, Greg, Nick and Tom for sending in your questions. Enjoy!

(What are you struggling with right now? Ask us and we’ll help you get through it.)

Show Notes

Relay FM “An independent podcast network for people who are creative, curious and maybe even a little obsessive.”

5by5 | CMD+Space #65: Feeling Alone and Afraid, with Chase Reeves “Chase makes a living helping people make a success of their personal projects and he offers up a taste of that wisdom.”

Achieve Your Goals: The Simple Trick That Doubles Your Odds of Success “Unlike Group 2, however, they were also asked to formulate a plan for when and where they would exercise over the following week.”

First product series 1: Wait! Before you Turn Your Idea Into a Product (FS035) “Will the first thing you create support yourself for the rest of your life? Maybe not. But everyone can make something worth at least a buck…”

First product series 2: Pricing Hangups (FS036) “Pricing is tough. No doubt. But we’ve got experience with it and in this episode give you the essential pieces of advice to make your thing and price it right.”

First product series 3: Conversion Essentials (FS037) “In this episode we cover the essentials of conversion so you can stop delaying the making of your thing, stop ingesting the stuff Amazon and Apple are thinking about (you’re not playing that game… yet, and it’s keeping you from important stuff) and start focusing on what matters about your website, your audience and your product.”

First product series 4: The Failure Plan (FS038) “In this final episode of the First Product Series we want to walk through the idea of failure with you… help you navigate it. It’s not as scary as you may think.”

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