What our hosting partnership with Flywheel is all about

Starting immediately, as a Fizzle member, you now have access to premium managed WordPress hosting at no additional cost.

The hosting is backed by Flywheel, one of the absolute best managed WordPress hosts in the biz.

This isn’t some watered-down freebie, either. A comparable plan purchased directly through Flywheel would cost around $30 per month. You get this for free as a Fizzle member, and you get all of Flywheel’s amazing features including hacker-proof security, automatic backups, performance tuning, and way more. Plus, Flywheel’s support goes above and beyond to help with anything you need.

Oh, and did I mention they’ll migrate your site for free in 3 days or less?

Really, we’re incredibly excited about being able to offer this to you. If you’re wondering “what’s the catch?” – well, there isn’t one. Except maybe that we’re a little crazy about providing as much value to our members as possible. By partnering with Flywheel, we’re able to foot the bill for this betting that it will make Fizzle even more attractive to both new and existing members. It’ll cost us upfront, but pay off in the long run in member satisfaction.

This course will cover what you need to know to get the most out of hosting your site through the Fizzle + Flywheel partnership.