Welcome to the Roadmap!

The Fizzle Roadmap guides you through building a business, from step zero all the way to mai tais and private islands, from “I don’t have any idea what I’m doing!” to “My business is like a train moving so fast I can barely lay down track fast enough.”

It’s a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly where you are right now and what’s next in your business, helping you stay motivated and action-oriented along the way. (None of this *fizzling out* stuff, ok?)

We’re so glad you started this journey, and we’ll be available (along with the whole community of Fizzle) in the forums along the way.

The first step is to watch the video above. Please do so now 🙂

An overview of the roadmap

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

How to place yourself on the Roadmap:

1. If in doubt, start in Phase 1.

Most people start in Phase 1 even if their business is further along. Common feedback on our training has always been “HOLY CRAP you just completely changed the way I think about business!” We recommend starting in exactly where you are right now and following through The Roadmap from here.

2. Start in Phase 2 if…

Do you have a website up? Can you answer the following question: “I’m building ________ for ________ because ________.” If yes, you might be in Phase 2. If you’d like to skip ahead, click here to skip to Phase 2

3. Start in Phase 3 if…

Are you earning enough income from your business to support yourself on a month-to-month basis? It doesn’t have to be your ideal income, just what we call “ramen profitable” or “minimum viable income.” If yes, you’re in Phase 3. Click here to skip to Phase 3

Let’s get started!

We hope you’re pumped and ready to start making progress on your Roadmap.

If you haven’t yet, now may be a good time to schedule on your calendar exactly when in the week you’re going to work on your Roadmap. If you’re serious about making progress every week, having a repeating calendar event to remind you can be a huge help.

OK, if you’re ready to move on in to the next step in Stage 1 of the Roadmap, please click the button below. See you in the next step!